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Sukhavati 的網狀宇宙

The Webbed Univese of Sukhavati

Sukhavati 不是以星球為構成宇宙的基本單位,也非由銀河系聚合而成的世界,是由如立體織網,以彼此互聯的方式,而把這整個世界串聯起來的。這個宇宙有個絕對的中央點,也是所有織網的核心。

這就好像天文學家與宇宙學家均推測,我們的物質宇宙,是由一種未知、也無能測量,更是看不見的「暗物質」與「暗能量」交織,才能使物質宇宙有規律地產生星體運動,及成形成相。而在 Sukhavati 裡剛好相反,這些被科學家推測的「有序暗物質」在這卻成了「明物質」,不僅能顯化,而且還清楚無比。而這些明暗相反的「類物質」物理特性,反而更適合讓更精純的意識在這裡成形成相,並產生現象與活動。

也因此,這裡的物理現象,不遵循我們地球上,也就是粒子宇宙裡最不可能改變的—熵增現象,所以在 Sukhavati 裡沒有成住壞空,更沒有生老病死。這是 Sukhavati 宇宙的物理特性及時空特性。

The planet is not the basic unit of the universe of Sukhavati, nor does the Milky Way assemble the world of Sukhavati. It is a three-dimensional webbed and interconnected world. In this universe there is an absolute central point, which is the core of all webs. 

This is like the speculation of astronomers and cosmologists that our material universe is composed of the intertwined unknown,unmeasurable and even invisible dark matter and dark energy, so that the material universe can regularly produce  celestial body motion and form images. On the contrary, in Sukhavati these “ordered dark matters” speculated by scientists have become “bright matters”, which can not only manifest but also be extremely clear.However, these substance-like physical properties with “opposite bright and dark”are more suitable for more pure consciousness (also known as cosmic consciousness, divine consciousness, origin consciousness, Buddha-nature, and divine nature) to take forms here and generate phenomena and activity.

Therefore, the physical phenomena here do not follow the law of entropy generation, which is the most impossible thing to change in our particle universe. Hence, there is no formation, existence,destruction and emptiness here, nor is birth, old age, sickness and death,and this is the physical and space-time characteristic of the Sukhavati universe.